Indian Technology to Aid Poker Companies


PokerWith technology evolving at a rapid rate, it stands to reason that methods of cheating are also improving on a daily basis. Scam artists around the world attempt to cheat their way to millions at the largest casinos in the world. Many of these casinos are fighting back, and have enlisted the aid of an Indian company in their pursuit of cheats.

The same software that is used in New Delhi by the police to track their personnel IDs will be used to check for fraud at the largest casinos in the world. This technology, labelled nonclonableID, or nCiD for short, is patented by Bilcare technologies in Pune. The identification technology will be embedded into poker chips and tokens used at casinos to represent financial transactions at the cards tables. The Global Poker Support International organization, which operates around the world, has helped broker this deal for casinos. This nCiD technology will be present in every major casino from Vegas to Macau in the next few years.

Martin Luske, the founder of GPSI, believes that the technology will help the gambling industry save billions of dollars. He talked about fraud that exists at both offline and online poker venues, with individual transactions ranging from $10,000 to a million dollars at a time. This technology will aid the GPSI in its pursuit to make poker a cheat-free zone.

The nCiD technology ensures that chips cannot be brought by gamblers into casinos in their bags or pockets. The chips will comprise of nano particles of a diverse size, with randomly embedded patterns. These features cannot be replicated, which means that cheats cannot copy the technology on the smuggled chips they plan to use at the casinos.

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