The world’s largest rave party in Vegas!

vegas partiesLas Vegas has shown that it loves dance music festivals with the outstanding success of the Electric Daisy Carnival that is featured every July. With a multiple year deal contract with the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to host the world’s largest electronic music festival, Insomniac Events has even more announcements that include Las Vegas for future events.

The producers behind the massive rave event have announced that two other annual festivals put on by the company will be relocated from their long time locations in Southern California to the city that has shown previous festivals nothing but love. Pasquale Rotella, the founder and CEO of the Insomniac Events announced via his official Facebook page that the Beyond Wonderland festival held in March and Nocturnal Wonderland festival held in September will be moved to Sin City.

Both festivals are relatively smaller than the flagship event that is held in July at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This follows a civil court case in California where the Rotella also announced a victory over a range of charges that prompted the festival organizer to move his operation from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Although the additional festival locations have been announced, no information on which Las Vegas venue will house these additional festivals has been released.