Poker for the “under”-initiated and “OVER”-whelmed

Maple Casino

The Maple Casino Poker eBook provides easy diagrams that illustrated the different moves and the general placing for bets on the Poker table. Starting from the basics and working its way up to the strategies and variants, it gives prospective players a rich taste of what the game is all about.  The guide goes through the various betting systems paying careful attention to make sure all the essential dialogue is covered so that the players at Maple Casino will be well prepared and know exactly what’s going o around them at all times and thus play with confidence.

Knowing which bets to place and when, is also imperative and in this Poker eBook, each one is carefully explained and tips are provided on when to strategically use each bet. Just as important is are the various hand rankings, such as one pair, two pair, three of a kind, a straight and so on. Knowing what moves to make according to the type of hand you have is vital and Poker for the under-initiated and over-whelmed places great emphasis on this area of the game.

By the time you get to the end of this Poker eBook, you’re bound to feel like a befitting player who can now comfortably play a game that before, perhaps seemed too complex to even consider.