How to refrain from abusing the poke option on Facebook

To use the poke option on Facebook or not to use the poke option on Facebook – that is the question.

When the option to poke your friends via a social network (that took the world by storm soon after it was released), was a new concept to users – the poke option was then abused. But let’s face it, no one really uses the poke option anymore as it has become a nuisance and let’s be honest, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

If however you do still constantly poke your friends on Facebook, here’s a tip: You’re being annoying and all your rights as a user should be momentarily confiscated as poking all your Facebook friends is nor a right or a privilege. So here’s some really great advice for all the poke option users out there, stop it! Unless your five years old (in which case you shouldn’t even be on Facebook), refrain from compulsively clicking on that poke button and spend your time doing more constructive activities such as stalking frienamies and changing your profile picture every five minutes.

So there’s a little Facebook advice from us, we hope to have saved you from life time of terminated friendships.

"Poke at own risk" - Penguin gets poked by Finger