Advice from Best Poker Players

Best poker playerRecently two world-class poker players were inducted to the Hall of Fame of Poker. Title winners Daniel Negreanu and established player Jack McClelland were recognized for their individual accomplishments and world of impact they have had on the poker across the globe.

The ceremony saw the likes of iconic poker players in Jack Binion, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and the like. At 40 years, Daniel Negreanu stands tall and leads the board of poker earnings won with a whopping $29.8 million under his belt so far. McClelland found glory in his managerial role earned in marketing and directing some of the most successful and exciting poker tournaments across the globe.

How often in our lives do we come across people who have made it big just by sticking to their dreams? The two champions inducted to the hall of fame are great examples of all you can achieve if you just believe in yourself and stick to your convictions. Here are a few snippets of prized conversation and best moments shared during the ceremony.


Proud parents

When Negreanu started playing poker professionally in the 90s, understandably, his mom wasn’t too happy to learn that her son was going to play poker for a living. Despite everything, Negreanu decided to make his mom proud of his profession and worked toward his goal.

He now uses his influence and winnings in the poker community toward charity and encourages young and novice poker players to find a purpose and place in life.

“One of my goals was to make my mother proud. And I hope that in doing so, I’ve inspired others to dream bigger, live a bigger life” said Negreanu.


Poker wasn’t first career choice

On introducing McClelland, Hellmuth let the crowd in on a few secrets of the esteemed player’s life. Many attendees were surprised to learn that the poker manager’s initial attempt at a career was far removed from poker.

“Jack thought he was pretty good at bowling and decided to become a professional bowler,” stated Hellmuth. Since his inception into the world of poker, now inductee to the Poker Hall of Fame McClelland has played several World Poker Tours and has won a fair number of titles.