Watching Your Wagers

On the mobile platform, gaming options are expanding each and every day. One of the latest offerings to be released in partnership with Apple will have sports fans very excited. Playtech has collaborated with this tech giant in order to develop a sports betting App that will work with the Apple watch that is slated for imminent release. This App will be extremely accessible, being made available to all licensees. Additionally, it will feature functions for full cash outs. Playtech is the leading developer of software for Omni-Channel gaming. This move for them represents an extension of their Coral Connect contract that impacts both European and UK players.


Playtech is the leading developer of software for Omni-Channel gaming.


The App has been in development for a considerable period of time, building on the progress made when creating the Android Wear sports-betting software. The App has plenty to offer to players, allowing them to initiate bets, keep an eye on promotions, and browse events that are happening live in addition to games scheduled in the future. The iWatch application also enables mobile alerts and other syncing functions via a connection to the mobile iOS platform.

Players will fall in love with the software thanks to the ability to access cash outs as soon as a bet has been initiated. Profits can occur quickly and in real time. The dashboard for the App is beautifully designed, offering instant access to eight sports that include tennis, soccer, and football. Users can customize their preferred sports and instantly view their current bets along with their betting history. Thanks to the Omni-Channel backing, users have the option of a single, virtual wallet and online account that extends payment options beyond this individual gaming platform. It can also be used at select retailers and as payment for other gaming platforms that Playtech has developed.