How to Play 17

Blackjack strategy: playing hard hands

There are some hands in blackjack that players prefer to avoid as much as possible. These hands make it difficult to make decisions for how to proceed. You may be tempted to take another cards, but it can also be a disaster if you go over 21 points. It’s harder to play hands where you’re not quite sure what to do. It’s also hard to stand pat on a number that can easily be trumped such as 16 or 17. The biggest thing to remember is that cards involve chance. You shouldn’t play the odds the same way every time.

How to Play 16

When your score adds up to 16, you’re definitely in a tough spot in blackjack. The total of 16 isn’t quite good enough to confidently win a hand. It’s far too easy to beat a 16. You should always take another card when you’re stuck on 16 even if there’s a good chance the next card is a face card. The house will beat 16 most of the time. It’s truly a tough hand to play because many people are tempted to stand pat in hopes that the house will go over 21. It’s a losing proposition most of the time.

The hand of 17 is even trickier than 16. With only four points until 21, it’s so tempting to stay put again with this hand. You could probably have better luck staying on 17 than 16, but the chances still aren’t good. There are still four numbers that can beat you. Pay attention to the hands leading up to the one where you get 17. How are the cards falling for you and for the house? The law of averages will work for you and against you plenty of times. Try to avoid lady luck when she’s not batting for you.

The tougher hands require some tough decisions. You’ll need mental toughness to proceed with either of these challenging hands. Don’t be discouraged if you play these hands incorrectly most of the time. 16 and 17 are two numbers that no player wants to encounter regularly. The house has a great chance of beating you either due to you staying on a low number or taking s card that is too big. Keep a close eye on your cards while you decide to take more or stay right where you are.