Grosvenor Poker Tour Continues Across UK

GrosvenorCasinosThe Grosvenor UK Poker tour is one of the larger tournament rings and guarantees a huge £1,750,000 pot of prize money. Currently the tour on leg 9 in Manchester. The No Limit, Hold’em tour started this year in May and only has two more legs before the grand finals, which promise the best prizes to players.So far the poker tour has seen both experienced and amateur poker winners. Grosvenor has been going since 2007 and provides a bigger game experience for avid poker players. The tour combines with a series of poker festivals that occur throughout the UK. The grand final is always played at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London since the tour is produced and run by the Grosvenor brand.Traditionally the prize money has gone up each year. This year’s winner has a chance to win over a million euro. New venues were also added to the schedule this year.The latest leg in Manchester is guaranteed to see some bigger poker hitters. Many of the events so far have only had a guaranteed prize of £50,000, but the tournament in Manchester had a guarantee of £200,000 to the winner. The same guarantee prize money will be awarded for the next two legs of the poker tour. However, the buy-ins have also gone up for the last few legs. Now it’s £1,000 + £70 to play in Luton and Blackpoool. The Grand Final in London has a buy-in of £2,000 + £125 for a chance to win £400,000.The tour continues on after the Grand Final with the GUKPT Goliath event in August in Coventry. This tournament has a much lower buy-in but a big payoff if you win. With just a £100 + £20 buy-in, you could win £200,000.Each tournament lasts three days. Re-entry and late entry is also being allowed, but re-entry is only allowed once per day if you pay the full registration fee.

As the Grosvenor poker tour continues, many amateur poker players have come out to play. Players can qualify live or go online to get a guaranteed seat at You must qualify by playing nightly. You can buy-in safely and secure your seat online for the full amount. You don’t have to go through registration if you take care of your buy-in online. This also gets you a free GUKPT token worth £10.