A Texas Hold ‘Em Lesson with Jeeves

Casino UK

A story-telling Poker eBook that provides a new and refreshing look at this legendary game -one of the most thriving games found in casinos world-wide. Through a dialogue between a butler and his students, players enjoy an entertaining lesson on the game of Poker, which in some parts is quite humorous.

The various chapters will take you through different stages of the game and players learn many essential lessons about Poker that make this eBook very unique in its own right. Often how a game works is simply just told to us, but in this eBook, the spirit of Poker (and Texas Holdem) is revealed to readers, and the various characteristics that make up the game are discussed and explained. Through the lessons with Jeeves, we as the readers are able to inherit a sound understanding of the intricacies of Poker through the inquisitive questions asked by the students.

This makes for an interesting and captivating read and is perfect for future Poker players who are tired of mundane step-by-step guides on how to play a game that is anything but dull.