A Man with a Mission


award winnerIt is always good news when leaders in the gaming industry are honored by the institutions that educated them, allowing them to become who they are today. Young people are inspired to enter the gaming field, and the industry as a whole is given its due time in the limelight as well. One recent towering name in the industry to be given such recognition is James R. Maida. He is president and CEO of Gaming Laboratories International. Rutgers is honoring James Maida with the 2013 Arthur E. Armitage Sr. Distinguished Alumni Award for the job that he has done at this leading gaming and testing laboratory. In addition to this work, his firm also does technical consultation for developing and established firms.

This honor has been awarded to deserving individuals for over 27 years, citing their outstanding contributions in their respective fields. The advances that they make in their area of expertise come on top of their other outstanding actions that relate to both civic and professional programs and the responsibility they take in their professional positions. Award winners in the past have been individuals with a high level of prestige, including governors, trial attorneys, and members of the Fortune 500. In his acceptance speech, Maida displayed deep gratitude for the recognition and expressed thanks to both the institution that was honoring him and the family that has supported him over the years.

 James R. MaidaJames R. Maida graduated from Rutgers Law with high honors. His undergraduate education allowed him to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from Lehigh University as well. His career has been an impressive one. He is a member of the bar association in four different states, including the District of Columbia. This honor is not the first that he has received either. Maida was named “Most Influential Person in Gaming” and was cited as one of the “Top 20 Persons in Gaming” by both IGWB magazine and Global Gaming Business. On top of his stunning career in multiple fields, this man has done extraordinary things with the help of his wife and family. Together, they have done philanthropic work that extends to all corners of the globe. They began the James and Sharon Maida Foundation in 1996, providing over 100 scholarships to students that include those now in attendance at Rutgers Law.